I write fiction and non-fiction. I also contract to write, edit, consult, instruct and manage in various media. Project and assignment services may include layout, design, management, pitching and storytelling and photography.

To achieve each goal, I work with a partner, producer and team—whether for social media, the Web or an article, book or screenplay—and explore ideas to clarify standards and themes before work begins. My method generally starts with identifying the project’s purpose and organizing work in advance, writing and editing and streamlining operations throughout production until launch, release or publication. I work for and/or with authors, celebrities, filmmakers, businesses, charities, schools, studios, publications and publishers. I teach media and writing workshops and courses, which are also available in private. I’m also on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. For more information, please read my bio.

Please contact me about a potential project.

Citations and Reprints

My work is cited and reprinted in numerous archives, non-fiction books, college textbooks and academic papers. If you have questions or seek permission to use previously published content, please contact me.