On a product page, Apple promises that its AirPods, a product the company introduced in 2016, are: “Wireless. Effortless. Magical.” After deciding to buy AirPods a couple of weeks ago, I can attest that there’s truth in Apple’s advertising.

I ordered the AirPods through Apple for $159. When they arrived (a day early), I opened the box with two AirPods, which were ready to use, inside their glossy, white magnetized charging case. Pulling one at a time out of the case, I put the two AirPods in my ears. As I prepared for my morning walk, they instantly sounded a chime indicating they were ready to pair. I went to my iPhone’s Bluetooth setting and selected ‘AirPods’. That was all the pairing took. They also automatically connect with my other Apple devices, such as the tablet and laptop.

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Using AirPods is easy. They fit into my ears and stay anchored without any problems during my low-key fitness routine, though I wouldn’t advise using them during high-intensity, heavy perspiration workouts. AirPods sense when they’re in my ears. The devices pause audio whenever I remove one, take a call or perform another task.

AirPods are amazing in multiple ways. I summon Siri, Apple’s digital voice assistant, when I want to skip a song in my playlist or execute a command. I just double-tap either of the AirPods to activate voice commands, without needing to take my iPhone out of my pocket. I am also impressed by AirPods’ range, which is wider than I anticipated, thanks to Apple’s W1 microchip, which the Cupertino, California-based company claims produces “extremely efficient wireless for better connection and improved sound”.

By my account, this is true. I’ve had no problem with AirPods’ battery, either, though I haven’t used it beyond Apple’s asserted five hours on a single battery charge. AirPods need just 15 minutes in the recharging case for three hours of listening time. And, because AirPods simultaneously connect to Apple devices, and I am admittedly a 100 percent Apple customer, I can shuttle between listening to an audiobook, album or podcast episode on my iPhone and an Apple Watch or iPad Pro; sound switches between devices. The same goes for listening on my laptop or iMac. I simply choose AirPods on each machine.

AirPods contain what Apple calls accelerometers and other sensors to gauge when the devices, which fit snugly but not too tightly, are inserted or removed from my ears. Apple says this saves time and energy. For instance, when I was listening to a song during my walk and had to remove an AirPod to talk with someone or pause for some reason, the music automatically paused upon device removal. When I re-inserted the AirPod, music or podcast automatically resumed, picking up where the sound left off. Sound stops when both AirPods are removed, saving battery life.

By employing simple, easy to use technology, AirPods significantly enhance my life. I look forward to using them. The sound is clear, the fit is superior compared to EarBuds and the convenience is marvelous. I still use headphones for certain contexts. But AirPods are a valued new addition and another reason why Apple is a favorite brand.