New Media Classes

WritingBootcampThe adult education workshops I created for Mood Designer Fabrics last fall focused on new media. The series was a success and Mood asked me to make more classes for artists and entrepreneurs, such as Hollywood creative types and sole proprietors, and I produced a second visual workshop series this winter which emphasized sales, branding and marketing. Feedback is positive and I have been invited to expand with a third series.

This program, which includes my first writing class, fosters social skills, productivity and keeping life and work in balance. In addition to “Success with Social Media”, “The Art of the Blog”, “Do-it-Yourself PR”, “How to Brand What You Design Make and Do”, “Marketing Yourself for Maximum Impact” and “How to Get New Customers”, three all-new workshops are available this spring: “Designing Your Work”, “How to Plan an Event with Panache” and “Writing Boot Camp”. Classes are live in mid-Wilshire Los Angeles near Hancock Park at Mood Fabrics’ in-store classroom near South La Brea Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard. Thanks to sponsor Mood School by Bravo’s Project Runway partner Mood Designer Fabrics, admission is free.

Each class includes Q & A, concrete examples, step-by-step instruction, pros and cons and a visual presentation. Mood School encourages me to offer the highest quality instruction and students tell me they find the classes rewarding. I love helping people to learn how to master communication of what they love to do, make and design – especially solo creators with real skill and ability – or work toward that goal making progress as a means to an end. Students attend from Santa Monica to the San Fernando Valley and the vibe is relaxed and welcoming but generally everyone’s there to advance his or her self-interest, so every class is a treat. Previous and current students should note that the new series is more advanced and abstract. Mood School may offer my program for wider distribution later this year. If readers want to register (classes are on Tuesday evenings now through June), have any questions or want more info, contact me. [April 17, 2014 postscript: the sponsor informs me that, due to seismic damage to the building, all workshops have been postponed until repairs are completed. I apologize for any inconvenience.] [July 14, 2014 update: the series, now scheduled for 5pm Thursdays from mid August through October, is open for registration here]

New Media Workshops

brandingAfter an invigorating series of communications workshops last year, sponsored by Mood School in the new West Coast showroom in mid-city Los Angeles for Mood Designer Fabrics (Project Runway), I’ve been asked to create and teach a new classroom series.

Click on any of these titles for more info on the 90-minute, live sessions:

Admission is free, though attendees are asked to register through Mood School (select from classes here).

Each class, which takes place in a classroom inside Mood Fabrics’ bright, open L.A. showroom on La Brea Avenue near Wilshire Boulevard, is an interactive experience with visual presentation. Question and answer is included. Arrive early because parking, while free in spaces behind the property and in an adjacent lot accessible from the alley, is limited. Street and metered parking is also available.

Workshops are scheduled for Tuesdays at 5 pm now through March. See this page for an index of my workshops, which peg to specific calendar dates. Private instruction is also available. I hope to meet and see some of my readers soon.

L.A. Media Workshops

This fall, I’ve gone back to school.

Besides enrolling in a new writing course with Leonard Peikoff, I was asked to instruct artists and entrepreneurs in communications to help them make and sell art, goods and services and do better business. So, I’m offering free workshops on three topics:

If you’re local to L.A., please click on those links to register because enrollment is limited. I’m getting positive feedback from students, many of whom work in show business. All workshops include visual aid and Q & A and are held in midtown Los Angeles near Wilshire Boulevard and La Brea Avenue at the new West coast showroom for Mood Designer Fabrics (Project Runway on Bravo). Like I said, they’re free.

The series is sponsored by Mood School. If there’s enough demand, and it’s important to me that there’s evidence of adding value to people’s lives and business, I’ll consider teaching new classes in branding, marketing and getting new business in 2014.