Barack Obama, America’s 44th president, loped into the arena last night applauding himself. When he stepped up to the podium, his eyes looked tired and his eyelids were heavy. He said next to nothing, really, which is what he stands for. It’s what his presidency ultimately redounds to. Nothing has been accomplished with his wars, nothing has been gained and much has been lost by those rich, poor and middle class – anyone who creates wealth – in terms of Obama’s government-controlled economy and nothing has united us as a nation since he was elected. Nothing is what Obama seeks in every sense.

He spoke in a familiarly practiced cadence which is clearly not authentic – the way he spoke was rehearsed, forced, as fake as everything he’s said, from his comments on TARP and bailouts to the maligned policeman in Cambridge and the ObamaCare law – as if he’s got himself convinced that street talking while tearing down capitalism and millionaires is a divine duty. He acts as if he has a grudge against anyone he perceives as falling outside his pre-judged parameters of what he considers “fair”. The closest he comes to looking like he stands for something and gives a damn is when he’s talking trash about people who work hard to make money – very hard in terms of effort – especially lots of money. Denouncing the productive who become rich, whom he reduces to “those with the most”, he lies, preaches duty and “citizenship” and he mocks parents giving children money when they’re down and out.

The act is getting old and his vacancy is becoming clear. As Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer, who foolishly raved about Obama’s wife’s speech the other night, said of Obama’s speech: “There was nothing in it.” No one represents the nothingness, the nihilism – evidenced by today’s sneering comedy, vile TV programs and depravity everywhere – spreading throughout America (with religionists waiting to fill the void) – more singularly than Barack Obama, who deserves to be called the Nothing Man. He was right in the first few minutes that this is a choice between two different paths, but he has the audacity to claim that his is a legacy of opposing fascism – he used the word fascism – though his is a record, according to facts, of seriously advancing fascism in the United States.

Even one’s most basic accounting of his record shows that he’s a fraud: speaking of veterans and the poor who have been hurt by his policies, he pulled a bait and switch from his 2008 theme, announced that the people’s suffering inspires him and declared: “you were the change.” His biggest applause line is a euphemism for power-lust that says everything crucial about Obama; he deadpanned, staring vacantly like a zombie into the void: “I’m the president.” If the left criticizes Romney, the rich and Republicans for being callous plutocrats looking down upon the little people, and they do, there is no better example that it’s Obama, the New Left and Democrats that hold America and Americans in contempt and seek to command them to shut up, kneel and obey government control. It was the ultimate appeal to authority: the power-lusting Nothing Man might as well have said “I’m the dictator.”

With Michelle Obama having preached in a hateful speech and Bill Clinton having paid his petty dues in a rambling rationalization, Obama threw out another big lie when he declared that “our commitment to Israel must never waver” knowing that it already had in a voice vote in which Democrats, doing damage control over their inbred hatred of Jews and Israel (and they say it’s the Tea Party that hates!), blatantly ditched democracy (watch the floor vote here). In a convention in which the keynote speaker is the child of the founder of the radical multiculturalist group La Raza (the race in English), the fact that Democrats dropped their provision acknowledging Israel’s capital fits the party’s appeal to tribalism. After all, this is the party that welcomed an Arab terrorist into the White House and appeased – and appeases – jihadists around the world.

As Democrats finish their convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, their nomination of the most anti-American U.S. president in history tells the independent voter everything he or she needs to know about how they propose to govern. In the words of Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, according to Bob Woodward’s new book: “We have the [congressional] votes. F— ’em.” This is exactly what Democrats aim to do to you, too. Whether you know it or not.