The nation’s top military generals are being fired by the Obama administration one by one, according to Reuters in an article published today.

It’s a disturbing trend for several reasons. The government says that each firing does not indicate any type of breach of U.S. military security or preparedness. But this makes one wonder why the generals are being fired. If the purported offenses are so puny – a commander at the crucial U.S. Strategic Air Command was reportedly fired for gambling – as to pose no threat to national security, why are the generals being fired? Contrast this with the administration’s treatment of those who commit repeated offenses, infractions and violations of law in countless government corruption scandals from Benghazi and Boston to the IRS, TSA and ObamaCare and it becomes clear that the firing of America’s military generals is cause for grave concern.

The government’s secrecy in these supposed wrongdoings by the generals is also suspicious. For example, the latest general to be fired is in charge of America’s nuclear missiles and, while the Obama administration insists that his infractions pose no threat to our missile defense and capability, the government refuses to identify, address and explain what the general is accused of doing that merits being fired. This amounts to Obama saying the fired general deserves no suspension, no punishment, no warning – just ‘you’re fired’ but we’re not telling anyone the facts or circumstances and we’re not disclosing why he’s fired but the people must have faith in the state and it’s not a big deal.

But firing one after another military general without cause, explanation or disclosure is a major issue. Especially coming from a government that shoots to kill, as we recently saw when the Secret Service or Capitol Police (we still don’t know which) gunned down an unarmed single mother driving recklessly in the nation’s capital. This is in the context of an administration which is systematically persecuting individuals and businesses and imposing total government control of the economy.

We have reason to believe that former U.S. military Central Commander Gen. David Petraeus, who became CIA director, may have been pushed out by the Obama administration using personal information obtained by secret U.S. government spying on Petraeus through the NSA, as whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden have warned against. Now we have top military generals in command of the most essential military weapons being fired one by one by a government that negotiates with Islamic dictatorships threatening to annihilate the U.S. with nuclear weapons while refusing to negotiate with Congressional leaders over the health care dictate. There’s a sinister pattern here.

million_vet_march_memorialsThis is why it is encouraging that our nation’s oldest and bravest defenders, our war veterans, have resolved to act in defiance of the Obama administration. This Sunday, the vets will march on Washington to storm the barricades erected around that which memorializes their acts of courage and assert their individual rights.

We already know that Obama wants to destroy what’s left of our nation’s republic. But Americans need to know why generals are being fired at the highest levels of military defense. We must know if the NSA is systematically spying on our generals to intimidate and force them into submission. We ought to know more about the American who was gunned down and killed in the nation’s capital, too, such as who fired upon her and why because the rights of the individual are why this country exists. Our immediate future is at stake. The truth may be worse than what’s known. This Sunday, every American should express support for America’s protesting veterans. Whatever happens, each among us should find inspiration in their acts of bravery versus the state, summon the courage to follow their example and become an activist for life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. Obama is dictating everything from health insurance to war memorial visits as he negotiates Islamic jihad nuclearization. Now he’s removing top military generals. The people should stand united in opposition.