The President declared tonight in an expressionless televised address that Islamic terrorist Osama bin Laden, believed to be responsible for planning the September 11, 2001, act of war against the United States, was killed at a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, after what the President called a firefight.

The death of bin Laden is good news, but it comes far too late. This particular beast should have been killed years ago. That the vacant President Obama, like his predecessor, the faith-based President Bush, chose to praise the Islamic religion that motivates the jihadist enemy and emphasize that the Navy SEALS were ordered to avoid harming civilians during the military operation, is disgraceful and it contradicts that the death of this vile terrorist is, in the words of the failed President Bush, a “victory” or that the killing of a terrorist operative, even a chief Islamicist, constitutes a “momentous achievement”. It is neither a victory nor an important achievement; it is a small, overdue act of retribution.

Picking off terrorists one by one is no more a proper or effective approach to waging war in defense of the nation than putting the nation on lockdown in the grip of the Department of Homeland Security (with the TSA molesting us). America is, in fact, at war with jihadist Moslems and the war is far from over. As Leonard Peikoff argued within days of the 9/11 attack, we should end states that sponsor terrorism.