“The world mourns with Boston,” read the headline for this morning’s edition of the leftist Boston Globe, owned by the leftist New York Times Company, as it appears on Boston.com. It is a perfectly vacant, nondescript condensation of today’s low journalism, distorting the facts and meaning of yesterday’s terrible news.

The headline is not true. In no sense does the world mourn with Boston, which was attacked by twin bombings in a Boston Marathon terrorist strike that targeted runners’ lower body parts with ball bearings-loaded bombs that left multiple victims in need of amputations with many dead and injured. From Asia, where Communist Korea threatens Texas, California and Japan – and, of course, South Korea – with invasion or nuclear attack, to the Middle East’s Iran and the Arab world, where enemies and adversaries threaten to annihilate the United States and celebrate the attack, the world ignores, snorts or welcomes the attack on America at Boston, as it did the attack on America at Benghazi and the 2001 attack on New York and Washington.

Also, the term ‘mourns’ suggests that those mourning have a sense of the loss – in this case, losing three (as of this writing) young lives, including an eight-year-old child named Martin – and reports barely covered the central facts of the attack, such as where the bombs were located (we still don’t know, except that the second bomb went off near an Apple Store) let alone the identities of those lost. The media were focused instead on executing an orchestrated rush to non-judgment, a coordinated attempt to prejudge audiences and prevent them from making logical conclusions that we may have been hit by jihadist barbarians in another attack on civilization. The press was primarily and fundamentally concerned with being defensive of those who tend to initiate force against Americans, such as faith-based barbarians, including devoutly religious Saudi Arabians and Islamic jihadists, not with reporting key facts, such as who bombed us, what happened during the attack, where are the murderers, when are they likely to have struck – circulating sketches of potentially connected persons who may be at large – and why they seek to destroy us.

As the media failed to report the news, the government, which deliberately and wrongly blamed an earlier Islamic terrorist attack on a movie, refused to take the attack seriously, imposing another lockdown rather than matching the act of war or terrorist strike with moral resolve, led by the nihilist Obama who declined to name either terrorism or attack in a bland, callous commentary signifying nothing in particular. Americans again generally accepted the new normal of duty and obedience to total government control with social media pleas for “calm”, “hope” and “prayer” as against outrage. There was hardly any of that as – and I’ll just say it because I think it’s true – the Boston Marathon died never to be experienced in freedom again, not in the age of the TSA and other forms of fascism that people choose to tolerate in order to avoid the necessity of thinking about the reality that we are losing the war to barbarian (foreign and domestic) in conjunction with, and in proportion to, loss of life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness.

Yesterday’s news is bleak. Not only because innocent Americans were maimed and murdered and will remain unavenged as their 9/11 comrades do and not merely because the world does not mourn with Boston. It is bleak because Boston, where there once raged a tea party to protest government control, a spirit that no longer lives among most Americans, does not mourn the loss of what makes Boston an especially American city. America’s outlook is dim because, in yesterday’s aftermath, we lost more of the spirit to win at the finish line. We heard and read about thoughts and prayers, we were urged not to think, judge and defend, and we were pummeled with state-sponsored announcements to remain calm, passive and obedient, ever careful not to name those whom we have every reason to believe attacked us again – let alone name those we lost on the day we lost them – and, 12 years after 9/11, we moved closer to the end of America. That is the salient fact of reality. This is what ought to be mourned.