Some Kind of Trouble

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The third album by James Blunt, Some Kind of Trouble, is another transitional work that succeeds subtly, but undeniably, in elevating the singer and songwriter to a higher level than the two-dimensional status he was tagged with after his amazing breakout album, Back to Bedlam, with his smash hit single, “You’re Beautiful.” Reviled in certain cynical quarters, such as NBC’s vacant Saturday Night Live, which ridiculed him for intelligent lyrics and a lilting voice, Blunt, running counter to today’s snarling, thuggish subculture, has had to overcome enormous resistance to his success.

Here, the British war veteran cashes in and tosses off the envy of others with a new collection of tender and thoughtful songs. Some Kind of Trouble is more upbeat and positive than the previous two albums, yet he maintains his soft pop rock roots, upping the ante a bit without straying too far from the mainstream. Though lacking a hook-laden tune such as “1973” from his sophomore effort, All the Lost Souls, or the aching quality of past hits, “Goodbye My Lover”, “I Really Want You” and “Same Mistake,” Blunt starts with the California-themed “Stay the Night”, slides right into the sound of Seventies AM pop radio with “Dangerous” and brings it down with another heartache tune, “Best Laid Plans”. But he can hardly contain his excitement on the album’s best song, “I’ll Be Your Man”, an infectious melody which is one of his best yet. With 13 tracks of ballad and techno rock based on loss and love and teeming with life, including an amped up sex anthem, “Turn Me On,” to cap things off, James Blunt continues to outfox his detractors, satisfy his fans, and raise his standards making melody-driven rock music.

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