Letters to JulietThe refreshing Letters to Juliet features beautiful vistas of the Italian countryside, sunflowers and happy endings. Starring Amanda Seyfried (Dear John, Mamma Mia!) as a young fiancee on vacation with her entrepreneurial-minded intended in Verona, city of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the picture is a thoroughly charming boy-meets-girl tale of an unlikely duo. Seyfried plays a fact-checker at the New Yorker who aims to be a writer. While traveling in Italy with her workaholic fiance, her writing ability leads to an opportunity to tag along with an old woman (Vanessa Redgrave) and her grandson (Christopher Egan) in search of Granny’s long-lost flame. The not-so-unexpected happens and leads to some lovely moments and interludes. Letters to Juliet is light fare done well. Egan is perfect as a brash young realist and Seyfried, who resembles Goldie Hawn, relaxes into her role and doesn’t try too hard as she usually does. Redgrave has never been better. Spinning the distant memory of an affair from the summer of 1957 into serious choices, her grandmother offers wisdom to her young companions. Predictable and sappy, peppered with scenes of starry nights, bubbles and simple, restful stops along the way, these Letters are worth getting lost in.