10 Foods Women Should Eat More Often

Here’s another interesting take on eating habits from Schiff Vitamins: 10 Foods Women Should Eat More Often. The article is factual, informative, and better than most journalistic articles. Don’t be surprised if there’s something on this short, concise list that you hadn’t thought or known about. Schiff’s first line—that nutrition isn’t one-size-fits-all—also applies to medicine, health insurance, pharmaceuticals—and everything else that will be destroyed by the government’s planned takeover of the medical profession.

10 Foods Men Should Eat More Often

Schiff Vitamins promotes selfishness in this fact-based article about “10 Foods Men Should Eat More Often”: “Want to know the prescription for good health? Taking care of yourself.” Some of the health benefits of these foods you may already know, but this clearly presented top ten list bears repeating and most readers are likely to learn something about healthy eating habits, especially for men. Salt Lake City-based Schiff, founded in 1921 by a Hungarian immigrant named Eugene Schiff, develops, manufactures, and sells branded and private label vitamins and nutritional supplements in America and throughout the world.