For the fifth year marking the 9/11 attack, I watched three documentary productions from HBO, PBS (Frontline) and National Geographic. Overall, these are the best I’ve seen. Read the entire article, which contains chilling details and facts about the attack which are not widely known, here.

The Frontline DVD series encompasses seven hours of various programs that aired on PBS (some before the attack) and, though they use sources with heavy liberal biases to discuss events, the package is generally factual and informative. Al Qaeda Files: Frontline fails to explore, let alone explain, the role of faith and religion in the act of mass murder and certain terrorist dictatorships, such as Iran, are conspicuously left unexamined. But the Frontline programs, contained on several discs, offer evidence of the spread of Islamic terrorism and the West’s appeasement.

Both the Clinton administration’s refusal to exterminate a known jihadist with hostile intent and the Bush administration’s ignorance and evasion are evident in National Geographic: Inside 9/11, a briskly paced chronology on two-discs, “War on America” and “Zero Hour.” The discs are packed with crucial—and relatively unknown—facts.

HBO’s In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01 is basically former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s tribute to America’s beloved city, the Twin Towers and those who were brutally murdered. Whatever one’s political philosophy, Giuliani is respectful and so is this 60-minute production by Home Box Office. The program’s chronological approach to the attack returns at certain intervals to the pre-attack World Trade Center, two grand skyscrapers featured here in one lingering shot, with the sunrise-smacked towers looking like two white gold bars reaching into the morning sky—beacons in a city of prime movers. Read the full review of all three DVDs here.