For the first time in decades, every American can be proud of an act Congress: the House of Representatives voted today for an historic rejection of a major new organ for government control of our lives. The House voted 245 to 189 to undo what has been done to our nation’s medical and health insurance professions, with slavery and injustice for all: ObamaCare.

Three Democrats broke from the Democratic Party to vote for repeal — Reps. Dan Boren of Oklahoma, Mike Ross of Arkansas and Mike McIntyre of North Carolina — but, with no trace of irony, Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee compared Republican arguments against government-controlled health care to Nazi propaganda that fed hatred of Jews during World War 2. The idiot from the Volunteer state should know that the Nazis, too, had socialized medicine and Jews, like Americans, had no choice in the matter. Now the bill may go to the Senate, where Repubilcans will try to schedule the bill for a vote. Republican Congressman Lee Terry of Nebraska rightly called ObamaCare “a trillion-dollar tragedy.” Republican Congressman Kevin Duncan of Texas properly noted that “health care is too important to get it wrong, and ObamaCare got it wrong.”

Rep. Duncan got it right. So, Republicans would be wrong to make the same error and seek to replace ObamaCare with other, softer forms of government controlled medicine or other forms of tyranny such as a ban on abortion. They should commit to restoring capitalism and individual rights in medicine and in the nation. And those who remain silent on the issue of socialized medicine, while complaining about the latest comment, quip or half-thought from a lousy opportunist like Sarah Palin, are the worst types of Americans. They should either be ignored or, to varying degrees, opposed as accomplices to dictatorship and enemies of freedom: their passive acceptance of tyranny and submission to totalitarianism is a real threat to one’s freedom. But, for now, the effort to repeal ObamaCare moves ahead and with this bit of good news, too: six more states, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Ohio, Wisconsin and Wyoming, have joined the lawsuit to stop ObamaCare. Now, that’s 26 united states of the union. Let’s roll.