tamerlanjihadThere is nothing to celebrate in Boston, despite that city’s spirited efforts at recovery since last week’s deadly jihadist terrorist attack.

What we now know, starting with the fact that the Boston bombings are, as I suspected, motivated by Islamic terrorism, a term which is arguably redundant, is that the government – on every level, local, state and federal – failed in its most fundamental responsibility to protect Boston’s citizens. At every point and in every sense, despite billions of wasted dollars expropriated from Americans to violate individual rights in the name of “homeland security”, such as the fascist TSA, police, intelligence and military did not succeed in doing their jobs. The best among them are impaired or disarmed and the Moslem terrorist attack, which killed three adults and one child, demonstrates that U.S. policy toward national defense is a disaster.

Consider that:

  • At least one bomber, who has been caught (though killed by his comrade before he could be interrogated), was previously identified by the FBI as a potential Islamic terrorist – and he was released and deemed safe for society. This despite a recent, extended trip to a global center for jihadist training and subsequent video postings for Islamic propaganda (pictured here and since removed from Google-owned YouTube).
  • Neither bomber was under surveillance despite clear signs of jihad.
  • Neither bomber was apparently monitored for increased risk of acquiring military weapons such as guns, bombs and grenades all of which they possessed.
  • The Boston Marathon was vulnerable to attack with no warnings, alerts or  lockdowns.
  • All the government programs and agencies which violate individual rights – and all the government agencies that do not violate individual rights – failed to detect, identify and prevent the attack, including the jihadists’ illegal activities, such as bombmaking.
  • Once it was clear that an attack was under way, the government failed to warn the public that Islamic terrorists were at large and, for precious hours, sought to dispel and appease the notion of Islamic terrorism, downplaying the threat of jihadist attack in spite of evidence to the contrary. All subsequent warnings to the public sought to minimize and trivialize any attempt to accurately assess and ascertain the real threat to the public by the terrorists and their collaborators and sponsors.
  • The attack continued unabated as the unidentified jihadists, still named and pictured as common criminals, murdered a college campus policeman execution-style.
  • The attack continued as the Moslem terrorists threatened the residents of metropolitan Boston with more bombs, military weapons and plots for mass murder, as police continued to refuse to assess and communicate the nature of the threat against the city, state and region.
  • One of the attackers was allowed to be killed by his own comrade as police failed to prevent his death before interrogation, crucially foreclosing the ability to interrogate and, if necessary, torture the mass murderer to ascertain the identities and whereabouts of sponsors and collaborators.
  • Another attacker was allowed to escape, despite being surrounded by police, further endangering the city of Boston. He was not successfully pursued and he took refuge on private property, unbeknownst to clueless police and the entire government of the United States. He was discovered by a lone individual only after the government restriction on travel and movement was lifted.
  • The apprehended jihadist was apparently allowed to attempt to kill himself – as he had killed his comrade before he could be interrogated – possibly injuring himself in the throat without being subdued or sedated.
  • Boston and much of New England was under government control for several days, with residents and businesses alike forced by the state into a defenseless state of siege. To my knowledge, it is unprecedented in a major American city that businesses and residents are ordered by the government to remain in hiding without declaration of martial law.

Despite numerous media reports, including CNN’s report that the dead Moslem terrorist is being investigated by the U.S. government for being the recipient of operation plans from an Islamic terrorist group, which CNN reports is linked to the dead jihadist, the government is engaged in a concerted campaign – as it was during the jihadist attack on the U.S. at Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans were assassinated – to divert public attention from the nature of what motivates the attack and minimize, deny or evade any connection to Islamic terrorism.

But even U.S. government broadcasting, National Public Radio, observed a connection, with NPR reporting on the dead jihadist: “Three women who knew [the dead terrorist] have told NPR that they saw changes in the young man around 2008 and 2009, when they say he became a more devout Muslim. As NPR’s Zwerdling reports, the women say [the dead terrorist] sought to control his girlfriend, ordering her to cover herself and convert to Islam.”

Islam is what motivates those who seek to destroy the United States and the West but you’ll never know that from government propaganda and most media reports and, as good a job as police did in catching those who murdered Martin, Lu, Krystle and Sean and maiming and wounding over 250 others, celebrating marginal success or superficial, feel-good unity to the exclusion of facts including the fact of failure to protect by the local, state and federal government is a grave error that denigrates the magnitude of evil in this act of war – whether waged by lone wolves acting on an explicit or implicit command for jihad or a couple of faith-based soldiers in a jihadist terror cell – and, by showing ignorance and projecting weakness, the “celebrating” harms and endangers the community, commonwealth and country. The reason our eyes well up at post-attack sports events pledging unity and patriotism is because we know what happened is wrong, bad and evil, which causes decent people to feel sad and shed tears.

But grief and sadness are not an excuse for evading facts and the motive for the bombing. What happened last Monday was an act of war by Islamic terrorists, lone, in tandem or sponsored. What should have been an overwhelming military offense against states that sponsor terrorism after 9/11 has been pointed inward, against ourselves, forcing us to sacrifice individual liberty for a false sense of security. We must stop celebrating when we are attacked and instead resolve to annihilate the enemy wherever they plan and fester, not breed them by letting suicide bombers shut down the eastern seaboard for days on end.

We have inverted everything meaningful in America. High-fiving “first responders” – instead of scrutinizing front liners and demanding answers and results in the war against the jihad – after an undetected act of premeditated mass murder by our enemies is the opposite of being strong; it is merely another way of accepting our impending doom.