Iran-Flag-635x357Here comes the Islamic proxy war that Professor John David Lewis warned about during my 2011 interview, though he identified the sides as Saudi Arabia and Egypt versus Iran and Syria – which is in civil war – before Syria itself became destabilized. But I think he was remarkably close in his forecast and he is right that, as he told me, “if Iran gets nuclear weapons—and then the Saudis do, too—that would be very bad for the rest of the world.”

Syria is fast becoming a battleground for warring factions of religious fanatics. The dictatorship has been allied with Islamic totalitarian Iran, which opposes Islamic totalitarian Saudi Arabia (both are barbaric regimes demonstrably hellbent on destroying the United States of America and the West), and the Syrian rebels are allied with Saudi Arabia. With Saudi-backed, Muslim Brotherhood-ruled Egypt recently terminating relations with Syria, and with the Saudis reportedly ready to arm Syria’s rebels with missiles while Iran is reportedly sending 4,000 troops to the other side to fortify the dictatorship, Israel is in serious danger, the West is threatened and the world is heading toward or on the brink of what could become another world war. I agree with those urging that the U.S. stay out of the conflict – Obama supposedly supports the Saudi side – but as Dr. Lewis warned, military proliferation in the Middle East is trouble for the West.

salargeBoth Iran (now ruled by a mystic devoted to Ayatollah Khomeini named Hassan Rohani) and Saudi Arabia are evil regimes that the U.S. has supported, aided and abetted or appeased for decades, despite overwhelming evidence that both Moslem dictatorships seek to annihilate the West, from Iran‘s long Islamic war against us to the fact that Saudi Arabia is linked to the worst attack in U.S. history. The world is getting darker and darker, with the evil forces of religion thrusting their swords against one another for now, which looms ominously large for the few still fighting for enlightenment and reason in the West. The summer of 2013 could be one of the bloodiest we have ever seen. We should all expect nothing from the Nothing leader and we must keep a close, vigilant watch.