Being one of the first to denounce Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential candidacy, in the summer of 2015, I took interest in his presidency. I’d lost friendships over my opposition to Trump’s candidacy, as I had for criticizing Barack Obama and Ted Cruz, and wanted to match my criticism with the record.

I’ve known from decades of activism that politics is personal. America’s disunity affects my life. Judging my strong statements matters. I stand by the criticism, which I made in a series of posts (linked at the end of this post). After considering the facts, I’ve changed my mind about Trump, whose re-election I support.

The months following his 2016 election were exhausting. Trump’s exhausting. Accordingly, I cut back on reading, listening to and watching the news. I followed only those sources I’ve come to trust, which are few in number and followed with scrutiny. My essential view of Trump as a vulgar, pragmatic, whim-worshipping statist-nationalist has not changed. I still regard the president this way. Days after he was elected, I advised readers to “be on vigilant, guarded, nonstop defense and never let up on defending your rights and your life.”

However, Trump’s opposition is worse. I’m not interested in writing a rehash of why I oppose the left, which dominates the Democratic Party, which nominated Vice-President Joe Biden for president. From seeking to mandate that all Americans indiscriminately wear masks to supporting reparations for slavery, Biden and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, are unacceptable. Reasons to oppose Biden for President are voluminous (read my review of Profiles in Corruption, which details why the Democrats ruthlessly aim to destroy America). This post offers my reasons to support Trump for President.

Domestic Policy

  • Trump’s governance by good example when he changed Air Force One from the Obama administration’s expensive Boeing 747 to a smaller, more efficient Boeing 737. This is a relatively small gesture. The president’s act didn’t get attention. But it was an early sign of how Trump governs.
  • Moral support for Americanism is among Trump’s best qualities. From displays of patriotism, which are distinct from his actions based on and tendencies toward nationalism, to his proposed statue garden of American heroes—including John Adams, Davy Crockett, Frederick Douglass, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James and Dolley Madison, Martin Luther King, Jr., Audie Murphy, George Patton, Douglas MacArthur, Abraham Lincoln, Jackie Robinson, Betsy Ross, the Wright Brothers, Harriet Beecher Stowe, George Washington, Harriet Tubman and others—Trump counters Obama’s incessant and explicit anti-Americanism.
  • Doubt of the origin, goals and premise of Black Lives Matter.
  • Prison reform under the First Step Act (the Formerly Incarcerated Reenter Society Transformed Safely Transitioning Every Person Act), which strikes me as a potential step toward better punishment of crime. Though I haven’t studied the criminal justice bill, signed by Trump two years ago and supported by Van Jones, Ted Cruz and Kanye West, the law, through good-time reforms, changes federal prisons and sentencing law to reduce recidivism and decrease the federal inmate population while maintaining safety.
  • The ban on critical race theory, signed by Trump and described by a philosophy professor as the view that “the law and legal institutions are inherently racist” and that the concept race is socially constructed and used by “white people to further their economic and political interests at the expense of people of color [sic]”, in U.S. government (read the ban here). According to this source, critical race theory, an idea originating in the Sixties, was formulated as a movement in 1989.
  • A freer energy market, including hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which Trump, who radically departed from decades of environmentalist American government by drilling for oil in the Arctic, opening an oil pipeline, supports.
  • Compromise for reasonable gun control after a mass shooting, offered by Trump and rejected by the Democrats, who refused to meet, let alone consider working with Trump on gun control. Instead, Democrats impeached Trump.
  • Explicit denunciation of American anarchy, which Trump, unlike Harris and Biden, explicitly repudiates as anarchy becomes an imminent and severe threat to Americans.
  • Trump commits to considering a pardon for whistleblower and hero Edward Snowden, whom the Obama administration persecuted, denounced, charged and refused to pardon. As a victim and the first president to scrutinize, doubt and criticize mass, indiscriminate surveillance, Trump, contrary to Bush and Obama, could slow the spread of surveillance statism, posing a potential challenge and possible path to abolition.
  • Trump seeks to repeal the monstrosity ObamaCare.

Foreign policy

  • To his credit, Trump is the first postwar U.S. president to cease the notion of writing a blank check for aid to Europe. Instead, whatever one’s view on foreign aid, he demanded that Western European countries pay for part of their own defense.
  • Rejection of the Paris environmentalist accord.
  • Support for Israel and returning the nation’s capital to Jerusalem. Arab nations once for Palestinian statehood moved from this notion to ties with Israel in Trump’s trade deal.
  • America’s first U.S. military retaliation against Islamic Iran since Iran declared war on the U.S. 40 years ago when Trump ordered killing of Iran’s chief barbarian.
  • Pulling out of Obama’s deal with the Islamic regime of Iran.
  • Suspicion of Communist China—despite incessant and horrific praise for dictators, authoritarians and autocrats—including on trade, property rights and China’s property theft, Hong Kong’s sovereignty, the origins and spread of the new Wuhan virus and the Chinese dictator’s militarism. Though Trump never provided, and refuses, support for the Hong Kong rebellion, his doubt and resistance to indiscriminate acceptance of China as civilized offered a kind of resolve that encouraged Hong Kong to stand up to China’s extradition rule. Hong Kong, which subsequently was persecuted in retaliation, opposed and defeated China’s extradition rule. Donald Trump is the first American president, as I wrote last fall, to explicitly oppose Communist China. No president since Nixon has seriously doubted Communist China. Bush the son infamously let China seize America’s spy plane without repercussion, let alone retaliation. Last fall’s Hong Kong rebellion, the first major incipient insurgency against a Communist regime since Poland’s Solidarity upsurge in 1980, which ultimately played a pivotal role in the collapse of Soviet Russia—possibly the world’s worst dictatorship—prompted me to re-think my opposition to Trump’s presidency.

I know the downsides of Trump’s presidency. The president immorally and illegally imposed a draconian, asinine and unjust drug control when he prohibited opioid use. This alone causes incalculable agony, misery and suffering to millions of desperate Americans who need pain relief.

Denunciations of the free press, opposition to a woman’s right to abortion—everyone should beware of Vice-President Pence, who’s not to be trusted on any issue of individual rights—and advocacy of other government intervention in economics, media and trade is abhorrent. Trump’s been checked, stopped and balanced by both the legislative and judicial branches and there’s every reason to think checks and balances shall continue.

I do not take issues lightly. I’m as concerned that Trump is bad for America as any rational American. But choosing a candidate in an election is not merely a matter of picking one’s favorite personality in a contest and it is wrong to ignore the threat of a government controlled by Harris and Biden and the legitimate progress made by Donald Trump.

Finally, there’s lockdown.

The living are being subjugated and sacrificed to the anti-living in a great American cataclysm. Biden, backed by anarchists and fascists as well as by decent American voters, pledges to lock America down with new dictates, taxes and mandates from ObamaCare to other oppression. Whatever Trump’s errors, flaws and vulgarity, Trump offers the promise of reprieve from lockdown and expresses a clear goal to eradicate the new virus while emancipating Americans from lockdown.

It’s time to reject the notion that lockdown is acceptable, let alone “normal”, and repudiate the mentality, approach and anti-American governance violating rights in the name of eradicating the risk posed by this new virus. It is also time to reject the resurgent New Left, an anti-civilization, anti-human, anti-life crusade and rise of anarchism and fascism which is an imminent threat to every American’s life and liberty, for good.

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