Though we do not know exactly what happened at the Libyan compound, we do know that the U.S. ambassador was murdered with three other Americans on diplomatic staff during a siege by Islamic terrorists on the 11th anniversary of Black Tuesday, the worst attack in U.S. history, also carried out by Islamic terrorists. We also know that the attack, which happened on the same day as the attack on the U.S. embassy in Egypt, where Marines did not fight back and the grounds were breached while the U.S. flag was taken down, desecrated and replaced with a black Islamic flag, is an act of war. In the words of Rep. Mike Rogers, following an intelligence briefing on Capitol Hill: “This was a coordinated attack, more of a commando style event. It had both coordinated fire, direct fire, indirect fire.”

With a complicit U.S. media nearly unified in its contempt for the U.S., and feeding its faith-based worship of the primitive, and a U.S. government apology and equivocations by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, the United States responded to the attack by appeasing the combatants and those who sponsored the mass murder – Ambassador Chris Stevens apparently was targeted for assassination by Moslems using a rocket-propelled grenade – with a denunciation of free speech in the form of a video production rumored to have offended some Moslems. This is an outrageous assault on free speech, as the Ayn Rand Center’s Elan Journo argues here, compounded by Hillary Clinton’s reference to the attackers as a small band of rogues that don’t constitute a coordinated attack. Google-owned YouTube has reportedly restricted distribution of the video clip and government-sponsored media such as National Public Radio (NPR) falsely reported that the video “sparked” the attack throughout the day.

A movie did not cause the attack on America; Moslem terrorists motivated by Islam did. The exercise of free speech as the cause of a barbaric attack is an attempt by the Obama administration to conflate an act of evil by America’s enemies with its plan to impose total government control on the people of the United States. Whatever his flaws as a presidential candidate, businessman Mitt Romney showed political courage by rapidly denouncing Obama’s latest appeasement of Islamicism. Contrary to what our state-sponsored – and wannabe state-sponsored – media claim, Mr. Romney did not politicize the latest Islamic 9/11 act of war against the United States of America. Barack Obama’s disgraceful administration apologized to our enemies, trivialized mass murder and attacked freedom of speech, which is today’s reason why we must reject Obama on Election Day.