First, the President hosted an Islamic event in the White House and practically endorsed the Ground Zero mosque. Then, the government demanded that an American citizen cease and desist plans to burn an Islamic book, the Koran. Today, the government’s domestic radio network, state-sponsored National Public Radio, which is financed by the taxpayer-funded Corporation for Public Broadcasting, fired one of its senior journalists, Juan Williams, for speaking his mind about Moslems. Nine years after the worst attack in American history by jihadist Moslems, with the nation still, in fact, at war with jihadists and the states that sponsor them (whether we acknowledge it or not), the insidious rise of the Islamic religion in America and the demand by our government that the American people submit to acceptance of Islamic faith is unmistakable.

As Juan Williams’ comments about Moslems suggest, to pretend that no correlation exists between Moslems and jihadist Moslems, who are widely known to attack based on a political-religious concept known as jihad, which means holy war, is to drop the context that we are at war. We need look no further than the pre-war actions and maneuvers of those Islamic soldiers who attacked us on 9/11; they sought to assimilate as Americans, appearing to innocently practice Islam and attend prayers at mosques while plotting their diabolical act of war.

That an intellectual has been ousted by a federally-funded organ of the press for expressing his thoughts about Moslems ought to concern every American. There are numerous examples of the government either turning the other cheek to jihadist Moslem activities and/or attacks in America or sanctioning and spreading this particular religion, among others. The undeniable advancement of Islam in our government, our nation and our culture since we were attacked by those who seek our destruction in the name of Islam is ominous.