Tomorrow is Katharine Hepburn’s birthday, so I’ve added a couple of articles about the late actress to the site archives to commemorate this great movie star, whom I called a woman for all seasons when I wrote about her upon her death in 2003. Read my commentary on why I liked her here.

I’ve also included an interview I did with Turner Classic Movies host and film historian Robert Osborne about Katharine Hepburn in 2007 for the centenary of her birth. Besides her extraordinary motion picture career across over five decades, we talked about her appeal, her television appearances and her relationship with Spencer Tracy. Though I haven’t seen all of her movies, I regard Miss Hepburn as among the screen’s greatest actresses and I think of her as the ideal actress to play my favorite literary heroine, Dagny Taggart in Atlas Shrugged. Read an edited transcript of my conversation with Mr. Osborne about Katharine Hepburn here.

Enjoy the newly archived pieces.