NHL logoTo its eternal credit, the National Hockey League is reportedly holding off a commitment to send athletes to compete at the Olympics, which are being described by officials as “very likely” to be attacked by religious fundamentalists.

Good for the NHL, which should follow the example of Pittsburgh Penguins owner Mario Lemieux and go by reason and self-interest. Let others mindlessly march into a police state’s false sense of security. In a world in which innocent lives are constantly put at risk in the name of not offending Islam and entire government agencies are constructed to track, target and control innocent lives while appeasing those who initiate force against the West, the NHL is right to not follow the herd and put the athletes’ lives first. The last major sports event attacked by jihadists, the Boston Marathon, was another powerful example of the U.S. government’s failure to protect American lives.

After years of widespread, systematic violation of individual rights – heroically catalogued and disclosed by whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden – the American state did not stop the attack on Boston despite Obama’s claims that the state should be trusted to defend the nation. The Boston Marathon attack disproves (as do the attacks at Benghazi and Fort Hood) the government’s insistence that government-controlled life improves security. In fact, there is evidence that the government knew in advance of each planned attack mentioned here, including having specific knowledge of the Boston attackers’ ties to Islamic terrorism. Boston strong? Please. Boston busted.

This is why the NHL is right to question the safety of the Olympics. There is no reason to believe that athletes and their families are safe. There is every reason to believe an attack will occur and that the West will do nothing to protect lives and property. The police placed Boston under martial law and still came up short, leaving a private citizen to discover the cowering Islamic terrorist and only after he’d been allowed to kill his comrade before he could be caught.

Why should innocents pledge to be first to die because the West would rather move toward fascism than face the necessity of naming and eradicating the threat of Islamic fundamentalism? The NHL is acting as a true trade association and should be encouraged in its refusal to follow along. Whatever their final decision, the business of professional hockey has given its players, fans and the world an example in the ethics of egoism.