Register today for my new course on social media in LA’s suburban San Fernando Valley.

The summer course, a six-week series on Monday nights (6pm to 9 pm, June 1 through July 6) at Burbank Adult School, covers the essentials of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn including basic functions, writing and marketing. The course theme that successful social media is reducible to reality according to one’s self-interest is communicated through classroom instruction, study, demonstration, presentation and discussion. Previous incarnations of this course include oral and written exams and presentations—read my post about one student’s report on the Berlin Wall—and always integrate today’s news, events and information, such as today’s news that Joss Whedon quit Twitter, Starbucks’ Race Together campaign and how to tell stories, sell, fund, rally, organize and engage through social media.

BurbankAdultSchoolEach class includes a visual presentation, Q & A and access to private instruction. The course, which is regularly updated with lessons from my experience managing business and celebrity social media, covers various media including Quora, Pinterest, Instagram and the newest formats, tools, apps and sites. Tuition is $69. Call (818) 558-4611 to register or try this link for online registration. I am planning to integrate the course into a new career skills program for the school this fall.

This month’s Fitness for Business series at TVEA in Los Angeles continues at 4pm PT on Thursdays with these remaining 90-minute workshops (admission fee is $20/click on class title to register): this week’s Profit By Blog (May 7) teaches each student how to profit and attract new business by blogging; Writing Boot Camp (May 14) is a comprehensive lesson in the creative process for the best writing; Succeed with Social Media (May 21) is a fully developed tutorial and How to Plan an Event with Panache (May 28) instructs the class in creating, promoting and staging the perfect event, conference, meeting, party or show. Each Thursday class starts at 4pm PT. Call (818) 379-7000 to register. I also plan to offer a free storytelling workshop to the public later this summer.