I’ve returned from a trip to the Midwest and I’m planning to write about Chicago’s first Objectivist Conference (OCON), where I studied arts and literature from Aristotle to O. Henry, learned about Chicago architecture and watched the 1945 film Love Letters (written by Ayn Rand). I also plan to post on Chicago skyscrapers, hotels and my visit to Taliesin by Frank Lloyd Wright.

I’m finishing a manuscript and writing about true crime on assignment so I haven’t had time to post about movies – I ended up seeing and hating one of the world’s worst movies, Disney’s absurdist The Lone Ranger (a nonstop attack on the original) and I saw, enjoyed and recommend Star Trek: Into Darkness and Man of Steel, though surprisingly my favorite summer movie thus far remains World War Z – and I am making plans for fall and winter.

Young ARBut, for those who may have missed reading it on my site archives, I want to share the link to my exclusive report on Ayn Rand in Chicago, currently featured on Capitalism Magazine (please read it here) – which I think is the most comprehensive article about the philosopher’s life in Chicago to date. I interviewed an architect who was inspired by Rand’s Howard Roark character in The Fountainhead and remembers her 1963 visit when Rand delivered her most well-attended lecture, a businessman who organized the event – and recalls the bomb threat – and Ayn Rand’s biographer, Shoshana Milgram, who meticulously details the months after Ayn Rand came to America, before she made it to Hollywood. It’s all very inspiring and I hope you enjoy reading the article.

Have a happy summer.