SheridanRoadPhilDonahueCoverSept2014Part of my exclusive interview with Phil Donahue is featured as this month’s cover story for a suburban Chicago magazine (pictured here). There’s much more to the story and I must say that the television industry legend is as thoughtful and passionate as ever about a wide range of topics. I plan to share more of the Donahue interview soon.

I am making other tales and happy at work this fall. Having finished Leonard Peikoff’s writing course, I am focusing on pitches and projects in a variety of genres. I’m also helping businesses, charities and celebrities tell stories. Next week’s writing workshop, in which I will share my thoughts and ideas on the writing process based on what I’ve learned after two decades of writing, is at maximum capacity. The sponsor, Mood Designer Fabrics, asked me to add another series this fall and winter.

goodworkhabitsAmong these 90-minute classes, presented in a weekly sequence with visual aids, are workshops in being productive (pictured), the writing process, branding, blogging, public relations, social media, sales and planning the perfect event, whether a book signing, conference or celebration, which I see as the potential proper starting and/or ending point and reward for good work and communication. Each workshop can be taken as a separate class or students can attend the entire 9-part series, beginning on October 23. Admission to classes, which are sponsored by Mood U School, is free. I’m also teaching a new course on social media.

Look for new posts about upcoming and recent movies, TV programs and books on Aristotle, Ayn Rand’s We the Living adapted by the author as a play and Norman Lear’s autobiography.