Disney disclosed this week that the year’s best movie, Cinderella by writer Chris Weitz and director Kenneth Branagh, premieres on home video this year on September 15. The movie will be simultaneously released on Blu-Ray, digital high-definition and the studio’s proprietary streaming brand, Disney Movies Anywhere.

Cinderella2015 Bluray smallThis picture, which director Branagh modestly calls “feather light”, ought to be the most anticipated home entertainment event of 2015. Most of this year’s films, thus far, are horrible by comparison to this lush, romantic and radical new movie (read my review here). The soundtrack is also perfect (read my review of Patrick Doyle’s musical score here). For the first time, I plan to write and post a separate review of the home video. Having seen Cinderella several times, I must say I look forward to watching this masterpiece again and owning it for home theater viewing.

Among the planned features are a piece on the fairy tale, bits on costume and making the Palace Ball sequence and an alternate opening scene. I’m told by Disney that director Branagh participates and introduces deleted scenes, too, though exact features vary according to merchandising deals and format. The frantic, unfocused short film “Frozen Fever” may also be included on certain products. Whatever the extras, whether you know and adore the fairy tale or not, the film in this format is its own reward. Those who value and long for the sight of romanticism, glamour and the ideal in motion pictures should save the date and, on September 15, savor seeing this exceptional movie.